Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the common questions that we get.
Contact us if you still have any unanswered questions.

Q What's a Bounce Site?

A A Bounce Site is a visual marketing page that displays links to ALL your websites, social media pages, community portfolios and shopping portals in one place.

Q Why should I create a Bounce Site?

A The main reason is to get more exposure, clicks, views and sales of your creative works. Most creative people have their works on multiple websites, because each website offers different features and audience. However, it's challenging to promote all of these websites to your online and offline fans. Bounce Site puts all your important website links on a single page to make it easier to promote and drive traffic to your other websites. It's also free.

Q Where should I promote my Bounce Site?

A Anywhere you normally promote your business or websites. This includes your e-mail signature, voice mail message, business cards, marketing materials, blog, other websites and anytime you talk with others about your creative works. In fact, it's to your own advantage to only promote your Bounce Site page, instead of all the other website links you may have promoted in the past.

Q What's the cost?

A There is no cost or fee to setup your own Bounce Site. It's free to you forever. Optional upgrades may come along in the future, but there will be no obligation to purchase.

Q How many links can I add to my site?

A Unlimited. You can add as many links to your Bounce Site as you want at anytime. Just keep in mind that you should only link to other online websites that feature your content.

Q Do you track visitor/click traffic on my Bounce Site?

A Yes we do track statistics for you. We keep track of each time someone lands on your Bounce Site. We also track each time someone clicks on one of the website links on your Bounce Site. These statistics are displayed to you in real-time on your Dashboard once you login.

Q What information can I change on my Bounce Site?

A You can control many aspects of your Bounce Site through your personal Settings. You can change the display name, brief user intro, user bio, column layout and hero image. For each link you can also change the title and description. All this information can be changed at anytime.

Q Will my Bounce Site work on mobile phones?

A Yes. We have designed Bounce Sites to be 100% mobile responsive. This means that they will look great on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. All of the content adjusts to the size of the device it's being viewed on.

Q Can I update the screen shot image of my website links?

A Yes. You have the option to refresh the thumbnail screen shot image of your links every 72 hours. You will find a "Refresh Thumbnails" button on the Manage Links page to update the screen shot thumbnail images.

Q Can I point a domain name I own to my Bounce Site?

A Yes, you can setup domain forwarding to go directly to your Bounce Site URL from any domain name that you own. If you have technical questions about this process, please contact us and we can help you out.

Q Can Bounce Site be used for people that are not artists / photographers?

A Yes. While artists & photographers are our primary focus, anyone can create a Bounce Site to link to multiple online pages. Basically, if you are on social media or have more than one website, you need to sign-up and get your own Bounce Site!

Q What's the meaning behind the name Bounce Site?

A We came up with the name of "Bounce Site", because visitors would be "bouncing" from one "site" link to another without staying on the landing page for long. We have used images of trampolines and people bouncing on our website to emphasize this name.

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