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New Year - New Upgrades

It's a new year and we have big plans for Bounce Site in 2020!

Here are five exciting new updates for all our members...

1. INSTANT THUMBNAILS - We have updated our website, so when you add a new link on your Bounce Site profile, the thumbnail screen shot of your link will be created within a few seconds. No more waiting for the thumnails to be created!

2. IMPROVED SCREEN SHOTS - We have updated the technology we use to generate screen shots of your links. Your screen shots are not only created faster now, but you will have less errors and website compatiblity issues than before.

3. UPGRADED SECURITY - Bounce Sites for all members were recently upgraded to the latest HTTPS/SSL/TLS protocol. You will now see the secure "padlock icon" in your web browser, which indicates the highest level of security and data encryption while on the website.

4. LINK TITLE NOT REQUIRED - You can now skip the process of adding a title to your Bounce Site links. If you don't provide a title, we will automatically use the website domain for the title - saving you data entry time.

5. MORE UPGRADES COMING SOON - This year you will see many upgrades to the Bounce Site platform. You will soon have the ability to create private links (personal bookmarks) that are hidden from the public. You will also be able to categorize your links into groups, get more stats and upload your own thumbnail images. Additional site layouts and options are also on the way. Stay tuned for all the fun!

Login now to update your Bounce Site and enjoy these new upgrades.

New Settings


New Upgrades for Everyone!

It's only been a week since we opened our doors and we are thrilled with the response so far. There have been over 1,000 Bounce Site links created in the last week and it grows every day.

We have received some great feedback and suggestions from our early Bounce Site adopters and we are excited to announce a handful of these suggestions are now live and ready for you to use. Here they are...

1. Link Sorting - You now have the ability to sort and rearrange your links on your Bounce Site. In your link management area, simply click on one of the four green arrows at the bottom of your link box to move your link to the top, bottom up or down positions.

2. Background Colors - Add some color to your Bounce Site and make your links stand out even more by adding a background color to your page. We have provided a selection of 45 different colors to choose from, but you can also pick your own background color by entering it's HEX color code value. This is done from your Settings page.

3. Link Editing - You now have the ability to edit your link URLs. This feature is especially useful to correct bad links to your websites by making a few tweaks to your URL.

4. Improved Screen Shots - For each link you add, we attempt to capture a screen shot of that website, to make your Bounce Site more visually appealing. We have improved our capture technology to screen shot more websites without issues and generate these thumbnails faster than before.

5. Examples Page - We have added a new page to our website that features 30 great examples of our member Bounce Sites. Check out what other users are doing with their Bounce Sites to get some inspiration for your own site.

We hope everyone enjoys these new free upgrades to enhance their Bounce Site even more. Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming and we will continue to add more features to Bounce Site.


Bounce Site is Officially Live!

We are thrilled to announce the official opening of Bounce Site!

We created this website as a solution to a common problem that we were seeing in the creative industry. Most artists and photographers have many different websites, but those websites are fragmented and disconnected from each other.

We wanted to create a simple solution for creative individuals that would display links to ALL of their different websites and social media pages. We wanted the page to be good looking, easy to update and free to use. From these ideas, Bounce Site was born!

We came up with the name of "Bounce Site", because visitors would be "bouncing" from one website link to another without staying on the landing page for long. We have used images of trampolines, people bouncing and jumping on our website to emphasize this name.

Each Bounce Site displays your name and screen shot thumbnail links to all of the websites you are linking to. You can optionally add a hero header image, brief artist statement, member bio or latest information. We also track the incoming and outgoing clicks to your Bounce Site. All of this can be seen and updated in our Manage area.

Anyone can create a Bounce Site landing page and add as many links as they want to it. Bounce Sites are free for life, so there is no financial burden on our users to create one and use it to link to all their websites.

Over time additional features and layouts will be added to Bounce Site, based on the feedback we get from our users and our own ideas we have cooking. Please share with us your thoughts and feedback on our contact page.

Be sure to read the information on our home page to get a good idea of the features and benefits of creating your own Bounce Site.

Special thanks to our beta users that worked with us to create the concept and provided feedback along the way.

We look forward to seeing what you create!

- Bounce Site Staff

PS - Here are a few Bounce Site examples from two of our beta users...