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A Bounce Site is visual marketing page that links to all your websites

For Creative Folks

Bounce Sites are designed for artists and photographers who have their creative works on many websites.

One Stop Shop

Promote and link to your personal website, social media pages, online portfolios and art stores all in one place.

Simple to Update

It's very easy to add or remove your website links or update your info, so the site is always current.

100% Responsive

Designed to look amazing on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Always a great browsing experience.

Statistics Tracking

We record the hits to your Bounce Site and track which links are getting clicked. See which sites are more popular.

Free for Life

Your personal Bounce Site is absolutely free now and forever. No credit card required, no hosting fees, no kidding.

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The Problem.

M ost artists/photographers have multiple websites to showcase their work on, because each website offers different features and audience. Between your personal website, your social media websites, your community portfolios and your product store websites, you have many places to see your creative works.

It's challenging, tacky and confusing to list a handful of different websites on your business card, voice mail or e-mail signature when promoting your work. Also, many apps/websites (like Instagram) only allow you to link to ONE website, which leaves all your other websites unknown to your followers. What can an artist do?

The Solution.

Bounce Site to the rescue
  • You need a single website that links to ALL of your websites in one place.
  • A website URL that is easy to remember and simple to share with others.
  • A website that is easy to update and to add/remove links on.
  • A website that always links to your current creative portfolios.
  • A website that works great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • A website that is free for life.

Bounce Site meets ALL of these needs and many more!


Your Bounce Site Includes...

Personal Landing Page

A single web page that includes links to all of your websites and social media profile sites.

Screen Shots

We capture a screen shot of each website link to make the page more visually appealing.

Link Sorting

Customize the sorting order of your website links and rearrage them at anytime.

Customize Layout

Quickly and easily update the page layout, background colors, link titles and descriptions.

Personalized Information

Add an intro statement and personal bio information, which can be changed at anytime.

Hero Header Image

Add a hero image of your artwork/photos to really make your Bounce Site pop.

100% Responsive

Your Bounce Site is designed to look great on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

User Settings

Customize your personal user settings at anytime to keep your Bounce Site updated.

Statistics Tracking

We track the hits to your Bounce Site and also record the clicks to each of your website links.

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